Professional Training Hub

Professional Training Hub

You can always join Professional Training Hub. Joining is sweet and simple. You have to fill an application form. After filling the application form, you have to undergo 4 hours training. Everything is free. There is no joining and training fee. After training you have to give mock lecture to us. Once we find that you are good trainer, then we will give you students. Our fees are Rupees 500 and Rupees 1000 for courses. You get 50% of course fees after training. You may have to visit the home of student for training, or you may call student at your place. The training is of 2 hours and you will be paid within a week the student has paid us. To join email us from details given in contact section.

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Our Courses are: sales training course, marketing training course, human resource training, customer care, entrepreneurship training, basic computer training, advanced computer training, internet training, seo training course, web design training, internet marketing training, custoomer care training, leadership training, brick and mortar business training, income generation training

We welcome freelancers who can work from home and take classes of 2 hours of new students at their home.

We welcome franchises and existing entrepreneurs with classroom facility to become our partner.