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PTH is a concept which we have brought forward after 17 years of corporate experience. If you look for courses, then they are either completely theoretical or completely practical. You need a mix of theory and practice to succeed in your corporate career. Our courses are low cost and exposes you to psychological principles and how they generate leads in the field. It is difficult world out there and nobody teaches you everything. So in 2 hour module of each courses we teach you the underlying principles and how to implement. You can take courses at your pace. You can get it done at home, or internet or by trainer visiting you. Our franchise conduct courses at their classrooms, you can take course there. There are three part of each courses -a short video, a write-up and instruction of 2 hours by instructor.

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Our Courses are: sales training course, marketing training course, human resource training, customer care, entrepreneurship training, basic computer training, advanced computer training, internet training, seo training course, web design training, internet marketing training, custoomer care training, leadership training, brick and mortar business training, income generation training

We welcome freelancers who can work from home and take classes of 2 hours of new students at their home.

We welcome franchises and existing entrepreneurs with classroom facility to become our partner.